CA Kids & Teachers Deserve Healthier Schools Now.

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UC Davis Air Quality & Covid-19 Recovery in K-12 Schools Working Group

by Ruben Aronin, Director, California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy

It’s often said that no good crisis should be wasted, and that is a call to action that is especially important to heed as we think about how to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure in a post-COVID world.

California can create safer and more resilient schools for our children with Assembly Bill 841, the Healthy Schools, Healthy Recovery, Healthy Air bill. This legislation would invest hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade HVAC systems in public schools with better air filters and other features. Far too many public school buildings subject children, teachers, and staff to poor indoor air quality. That’s never been acceptable. But in our current COVID reality, it can be life-threatening. AB841 would put people to work to make our schools and classrooms healthier for our kids and the teachers and other frontline staff who are essential to educating our kids and returning our communities to some semblance of normalcy.

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