Clean Electric Trucks Will Power California Forward.

China’s BYD electric bus company has a factory in Lancaster, California. Credit: Li Ying/Xinhua via Getty Images

by Ruben Aronin, Director, California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy

This week the California Air Resources Board can show how to respond to our economic, health, and environmental crises with a bold plan that creates jobs while cleaning the air in many of our state’s poorest, most polluted communities.

California is on the brink of adopting the nation’s first electric truck mandate through the Advanced Clean Truck Rule. This rule promises to provide a critical market signal necessary to transform one of the most polluting industries — dirty truck transportation — into one of the cleanest and greenest.

If adopted, the state will start requiring a percentage of new trucks sold in California to be zero emission beginning in 2024. The rule will help create jobs and spur foundational economic development by inducing more in-state manufacturing jobs, reducing long-term trucking costs, and accelerating investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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