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Business Alliance Responds to AB 32 Implementation Group Poll

Statement of Susan Frank, Coordinator, California Business Alliance for a Green Economy:

“As a network representing more than 210 small businesses, business associations and business leaders across California, our members stand in strong support of continued implementation of AB 32.

Contrary to claims made by the AB 32 Implementation Group, to delay or suspend AB 32 now would be the real job killer. In fact, AB32IG’s own poll data released today shows that a strong majority of Californians support AB 32.

California’s aggressive clean energy policies have proven to be economic drivers for more than three decades. Efficiency standards passed in the seventies have saved California consumers over $56 billion, which they invested in goods and services and that generated 1.5 million jobs with over $45 billion in payroll. The mere passage of AB 32 has generated green job growth that has been increasing even as the rest of the economy has contracted, even though the law’s measures are just this month starting to be implemented.

Moving forward with AB32 will help pave the way to California’s economic recovery.”

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