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California Business Alliance for a Green Economy Exceeds
1,000 Member Milestone

Network of mainstream business, small clean tech companies and business associations
continues to gain steam in support of a clean energy economy

Mountain View, CA – A growing California-based business alliance of traditional businesses, small clean tech companies, business associations, and chambers of commerce topped 1,000 members this week when the Pilipino Chamber of Commerce-Southern California joined its ranks.

“We are honored to be the one thousandth member,” said Matteo Fernandez, Chairman of the Pilipino Chamber. “The Alliance’s principles are completely consistent with our chamber of commerce’s mission and vision of supporting California’s growing clean energy economy.”

The California Business Alliance for a Green Economy was created in 2009 to amplify the business voice in support of policies to help move the state toward cleaner energy, less dependence on fossil fuel, and to help avoid the economic and social disruptions associated with climate change. Since then, it has grown to more than 1,000 members, representing hundreds of thousands of California workers across the state in diverse industries.

“Growing to 1,000 members in just two years sends a powerful message that businesses in California understand that investing in energy efficiency and clean energy will grow our economy and help their own bottom lines,” said the Alliance’s coordinator, Susan Frank.

The business leaders who make up the Alliance support adoption of effective standards to stimulate innovation and efficiency, and to help position the state as a global leader on advancing clean energy technologies. The group’s diverse membership includes businesses from all geographic regions of the state including: owners of print shops, restaurants, construction firms, farmers and landscape companies; CEOs of and investors in solar and renewable companies; leaders of chambers of commerce and business associations; and more.

“Joining the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy has given my small business a bigger voice,” said Michael Hetz, Owner and Creative Director of The Noodle Shop in Solana Beach. “Some other business associations don’t share my vision for a cleaner, more efficient California. Uniting with other Alliance businesses lets me stand up for growing California’s economy and maintaining the state’s position as the nation’s leader.”

In order to join the Alliance, members agree to the following principles of action:

• Fossil fuel dependence and energy inefficiency hinder economic security.
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions means reducing overall waste, which enhances my business operations and boosts my bottom line.
• When it comes to climate change, the most expensive thing we can do is nothing.
• California leadership on climate policy will place businesses at a competitive advantage.
• I support continued implementation of California’s clean energy policies, including AB 32, clean vehicles, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green building standards.

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