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Business Alliance Comments on PPIC Poll on the Environment

July 29, 2010—Today the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), released the 10th annual survey about “Californians & the Environment,” confirming steady support for the state’s landmark clean energy and climate security law, AB 32.

Statement from Susan Frank, Coordinator for the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy:

“Today’s survey is a clear signal that Californians still firmly believe we can have a clean environment and a strong economy at the same time. The overwhelming majority of Californians don’t want to gamble our future on continued dependence on oil and other polluting fossil fuels.

“Our business members agree that a timely transition away from inefficiency as well as dirty energy sources will save businesses money and drive the creation of new jobs. When it comes to energy—using less means saving more money, and no one understands that more than California business owners. The PPIC poll demonstrates the public believes we must support policies that move us toward cleaner energy, less dependence on fossil fuel, and help us avoid the economic and social disruptions associated with climate change.”

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