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Calif CEOs Urge Gov. Brown to Reject Calls for Revisions to Cap and Trade

San Francisco, CA – A diverse group of California CEOs and business leaders from around the state sent a letter to Governor Jerry Brown today, urging him to remain committed to fully implementing AB 32.

“We reject the calls from some environmental organizations for the wholesale revision of the AB 32 cap and trade system. We take particular issue with these organizations calling for such revisions in the name of jobs and the economy,” the letter states. “As business leaders who are responsible for creating the jobs that have become such a popular talking point, we can tell you that nothing will do more harm to the emerging California clean economy sector than continued regulatory uncertainty.”

The CEOs, whose companies and business memberships collectively employ tens of thousands of Californians, go on to say: “The implementation of AB 32 has proven to be a bright spot during this recession. It has attracted clean technology manufacturers, businesses and jobs to the state. Undermining this market signal with indefinite delays will jeopardize this progress.”

The California Air Resources Board currently is developing the final details of a cap and trade system in California, expected to start in 2012. CARB is completing a revised environmental analysis as requested recently by a San Francisco judge in order to implement the program on schedule.

Full text of the letter is available here.


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