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“Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs” Re-Launched

Governor Brown praises effort by former Sec. Shultz, businessman Tom Steyer
to lead bipartisan effort to keep California the world leader in clean tech

Sacramento, CA – The broad bipartisan coalition of business, health, labor, community and environmental groups that defeated the attempt to overturn California’s clean energy and clean air law in November is reuniting to continue the state’s leadership creating jobs in renewable energy, and fighting climate change.

Former Secretary of State George Shultz and San Francisco businessman/philanthropist Tom Steyer, Senior Partner of Farallon Capital Management, today announced that they will co-chair “Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs.” The group will back state, regional, and local clean energy policies, support implementation of the state’s landmark climate change law (AB 32), and promote renewable energy jobs, projects, and businesses.

“The voters of California spoke clearly that they want a clean energy future for our state,” said Steyer. “Re-launching the efforts of this coalition will help keep the momentum going to ensure that California remains the world leader in clean tech and showing that we can take effective action on climate change that results in economic growth.”

“We have plenty of problems in California,” said Shultz “But we will only compound our problems if we abandon our aspirations for the quality of our environment. Businesses are looking for leadership and a clear road map such as that provided by our state’s policy so that they can be positioned to prosper in the clean energy economy. This coalition will provide that leadership.”

Coalition partners include: the Silicon Valley Leadership Group; Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Natural Resources Defense Council; the Environmental Defense Fund; Los Angeles Business Council; California League of Conservation Voters; California Business Alliance for a Green Economy; the American Lung Association in California; the Blue Green Alliance; and Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs will produce a daily newsletter and website highlighting clean tech projects, defend and promote clean energy policies and legislation that protect clean air and promote job growth, and conduct other activities to continue momentum in the fastest-growing segment of the state’s economy.

The coalition’s immediate goals will be: (1) implementing AB 32 in way designed to make sure California is the global leader in Clean Energy Jobs and air quality while protecting consumers and taxpayers; (2) expanding renewable energy investments in California to meet Governor Jerry Brown’s goal of generating 20,000 megawatts of renewable electricity, including 12,000 megawatts of locally generated electricity, by 2020; (3) increasing investments in energy efficiency, and (4) continuing our state’s commitment to clean energy research and development, and providing incentives for our growing clean tech economy.

State leaders praised the bipartisan effort. “Clean energy creates jobs and investment, and that’s exactly what we need to help turn our economy around. Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs will be a strong voice to ensure that California leads the nation in sustainable energy technology,” said Governor Jerry Brown.

“I’m pleased this bipartisan coalition will continue to help California maintain its status as the nation’s leader in clean energy jobs,” said Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. “It will play a critical role in helping promote policies that will create jobs, attract businesses and venture capital to our state, and expand the clean energy economy in California.”

“We need strong bipartisan support to continue to push for clean energy and clean air policies,” said Assembly Speaker John A. Perez. “This coalition will be extremely helpful in ensuring that California continues to be the world’s clean energy leader.”

According to the state Economic Development Department, more than 500,000 Californians are employed in “green jobs.” Last year, the state attracted nearly $10 billion in venture capital for the clean tech industry, more than six times that of any other state, according to the National Venture Capital Association.

Proposition 23 was defeated by California voters in November by a 38.4-61.6 percent margin. The “No” position received more votes than any other candidate and ballot measure in the United States.

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