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NEW DATA: California Tops In The Nation In Hiring For Green Jobs

California Green Companies: “We’re Hiring!”

San Francisco (May 25, 2010) – California tops the nation in green job openings according to a new analysis by, a job search engine.

“California is ahead of the pack in green job creation because we are leading the country in adopting ambitious and innovative clean energy and energy efficiency policies,” said Susan Frank, Coordinator of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy.” AB 32, California’s historic climate and energy security law provides the market certainty the clean energy industries need to invest heavily in a strong workforce in California.”

According to the survey, the top hiring states as of May 2010 are:

1. California (with 7,500 postings for green jobs online)
2. Washington, DC
3. New York
4. Texas
5. Colorado

The most recent survey of California’s clean economy supports the findings of the Green Job Spider report. The survey, completed by California’s Employment Development Department, identifies nearly a half million green jobs in the state.

Green Job Spider is a job search engine that searches only green job sources to make it easy to locate green jobs. For more information about the report go to

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