California’s Clean Energy and Climate Security Plan

The Benefits of Clean Energy

We know that climate change is real and its impacts are being felt now. The good news is that solutions to climate change will keep more money in our local economy and drive economic growth. By cutting back on energy use, businesses in California will save hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills. By diversifying our energy supplies, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste, the state’s economy will be protected from the volatility of petroleum price swings. And by shifting to a clean energy economy, and accelerating clean transportation we will add more than100,000 jobs will to the state over the next decade.

Standing with Businesses Who Support Clean Energy

Shouldn’t all California businesses support this clean energy vision? Yes, but unfortunately organizations with a vested interest in dirty sources of energy and those who doubt our ability to innovate and thrive are working to delay and derail California’s commitment to a clean energy future, which includes the groundbreaking laws SB 32.

That’s why we need your help. The California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy is reaching out to businesses across the state to build support for a clean energy future in California.

If you are a California business owner/operator, please join the Alliance today.

Get the Facts

SB 32 will help small businesses save on energy costs, create jobs, clean the air, and protect California’s economy from the dangers of climate change. Consider:

  • Over the last 35 years, energy efficiency measures have led to $56 billion in household energy savings, spurring about 1.5 million full-time jobs with a total payroll of $45 billion.
  • The state’s climate plan is expected to save Californians $2.2 billion in health costs in 2020 as a result of cleaner air.
  • If left unchecked, climate change could cost California as much as $47 billion every year in direct damages and put at risk trillions of dollars of real estate, infrastructure, and other assets.

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