Leveling the Playing Field for All Businesses.

By Susan Frank, Director, California Business Alliance for a Green Economy

Small business owners tell me time and time again that they feel that the oil industry should have to play by the same rules as all businesses. Unfortunately, for decades, they have made their own rules that cost small businesses and consumers while padding their profits. Oil companies also continue to oppose common-sense clean energy policies that would improve our quality of life. Check out this compilation of the oil industry’s 20-plus year history of “crying wolf” and false claims – thanks to our friends at Consumer Action for putting this together.

Oil companies and their friends are continuing to try to derail AB 32, California’s groundbreaking clean energy and climate law, and along with it, AB 32’s protections from fuel price spikes. Editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg created a series of three illustrative messages that show how the oil industry doesn’t operate like the rest of the business community. One of those images is below and you can see the others here.

It’s critical that business owners who support AB 32 continue to be vocal about how important it and similar policies are to California’s future. Let me know if you would like to add your voice to the chorus of business leaders who are speaking out in favor of our growing clean energy economy.

Big Oil Gravity

Big Oil Gravity

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