May 2012: Using the Allowance Value from California’s Carbon Trading System: Legal Risk Factors, Impacts to Ratepayers and the Economy, Next 10

For the Press Release, click here. For a Summary, click here.

April 2012: What Clean Energy Jobs? These Clean Energy Jobs!, Environmental Entrepreneurs

April 2012: 2012 Green Innovation Index, Next 10

March 2012: Spending California’s Cap-and-Trade Revenue: Understanding the Sinclair Paint Risk Spectrum, University of California, Los Angeles

March 2012: The West Coast Clean Economy: Opportunities for Investment & Accelerated Job Creation, Pacific Coast Collaborative

For the press release, click here.

For the research methodology, click here.

For a two-page summary, click here.

For a four-page summary, click here.

January 2012: The Long-Term Energy Efficiency Potential: What the Evidence Suggests, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy


July 2011: PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and the Environment, Public Policy Institute of California
July 2011: Green Jobs and the Los Angeles Region, Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs Network
July 2011: Sizing the Clean Economy: Metropolitan and State Profiles, The Brookings Institution
May 2011: The Road to Clean Air, American Lung Association in California
April 2011: State of the Air Report, 2011, American Lung Association
March 2011: California Workforce, Education, and Training Needs Assessment for Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation and Demand Response, Donald Vial Center on Employment and the Green Economy, University of California at Berkeley
February 2011: Driving Change: Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled in California, Public Policy Institute of California


December 2010: Economic Impact of AB 32 on Localities: A Look at Chula Vista, Union of Concerned Scientists

December 2010: Global Competitiveness, China and California’s Emerging Clean Energy Economy, Bay Area Council Economic Institute
For the full report, click here.

December 2010: Economic Vitality: Clean Jobs in the San Diego Region, The San Diego Foundation

November 2010: Clean Cars in California: Four Decades of Progress in the Unfinished Battle to Clean up Our Air, Environment California

October 2010: Economic Opportunities for Small Business under AB 32, Small Business Majority
For the full report, click here. For the addendum which includes business profiles, click here.

October 2010: The Economic Opportunity from Clean Energy Jobs in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Dr. Shawn Kantor, University of California, Merced and California Business Alliance for a Green Economy

October 2010: 2010 California Green Innovation Index, Next 10

October 2010: The Economic Impact of AB 32 on Small Business: An Update, The Brattle Group

September 2010: Workforce Needs for Large-Scale Solar Projects, Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
For the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

September 2010: California in Perspective: A review of state energy policies and their impact on high growth cleantech markets, Cleantech Group, LLC

September 2010: Shockproofing Society: How California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) Reduces the Economic Pain of Energy Price Shocks, Energy Independence Now, Environmental Defense Fund, and Center for Resource Solutions

August 2010: The California Apollo Program: Creating and Keeping Clean Energy Jobs in California, California Apollo Alliance

July 2010: Untapped Potential Of Commercial Buildings: Energy Use and Emissions, Next 10

June 2010: Small Businesses and Clean Energy Policy, Small Business Majority

June 2010: SB 375 Impact Analysis Report, Urban Land Institute

April 2010: California’s Green Economy, California Employment Development Department, Labor Market Information Division

December 2009: The Economic Impact of AB 32 on California Small Business, The Brattle Group/Union of Concerned Scientists

December 2009: Many Shades of Green: Diversity and Distribution of California’s Green Jobs, Next10

December 2009: Climate Policy and Economic Growth in California: A Comparative Analysis of Different Economic Impact Projections, Center for Resource Solutions

September 2009: The new adaptation marketplace: Climate change and opportunities for green economic growth, Oxfam America

September 2009: On-Bill Financing: Helping Small Business Reduce Emissions and Energy Use While Improving Profitability, National Small Business Association

August 2009: California Climate Adaptation Strategy, State of California

July 2009: PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and the Environment, Public Policy Institute of California

May 2009: Powering America’s Defense: Energy and the Risks to National Security, Center for Naval Analyses

May 2009: The Future is Now: An Update on Climate Change Science Impacts and Response Options for California, State of California

March 2009: Climate Change in the American Mind, Yale Project on Climate Change and George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication

2009: California Green Innovation Index, Next 10

November 2008: California Climate Risk and Response, Next 10

November 2008: Preparing California for a Changing Climate, Public Policy Institute of California

October 2008: The Business Guide to the Low Carbon Economy: California, The Climate Group

October 2008: Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California, Next 10

March 2008: Green Economic Recovery Program: Impact on California, Center for American Progress

September 2008: Addressing Consumer Concerns about Climate Change, McKinsey & Company

April 2007: National Security and the Threat of Climate Change, Center for Naval Analyses


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