Welcome to the Macroscope.

by Cecilia V. Estolano, CEO, Estolano Advisors and Better World Group

Our world becomes smaller and slower as we shelter in place. We plan the next meal, try to keep the kids occupied, give our partner space, check our supply of essentials, affix a mask before a walk outside, and swipe through headlines and social media to remember what day it is and assess when we might return to normal times.

“Normal” times aren’t returning. This virus — and a uniquely unprepared and unqualified President’s mismanagement of the federal government’s response to it — ripped a gash in history. This year was always going to be consequential because of the Presidential election in November. Now, only mid-way through April, we have more than 2 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, with nearly 800,000 cases and over 42,000 deaths in the United States alone. The economy is in a coma, record numbers of people are filing for unemployment, and there is still no nationally coordinated plan to reemerge from this shutdown. It feels like 2020 may become one of those years, like 1492, 1619, 1810, 1848, or 1989, when the historical timeline cracked open and a new world emerged.

We’re launching the Macroscope because we know we must pull back to see the big picture. As students of history, idealism, and activism, we know that the way to make the world better is to project a vision of the world we want, share ideas, connect with others, and organize. Otherwise, it will not happen.

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